Let’s use Pinterest to engage our students in English language learning. There are many English language learning materials available on Pinterest. Create your own board and get your pupils to view them.


Action Song

Action Song is a competition for Year 3 pupils innitiated by the Ministry of Education. Action Song can also be part of ESL lesson in which pupils learn through songs and action. Pupils learn language better by singing and by doing action which reflects the Total Physical Response approach and the Multiple Intelligences by Gardner.

This is my school Action Song team. They won second place in the English Carnival of the Kuala Langat district. My school is a just a rural school but my pupils have proved that this factor is not a barrier to win.



Show and Tell

I had a show and tell session with my Year 1 pupils on the topic “Toys”. They brought in their toys and they have to tell their friend what the toy is. They are only allowed to bring one toy each. They also need to tell the features of their toys and why the toy is their favourite. Show and tell is a great activity to develop pupils’ speaking and presentation skills in English.It also an interesting activity to engage pupils in fun learning. When will your teacher ever ask you to bring toys to school right? One time opportunity in a lifetime for them to bring toys without getting caught by the disciplinary teacher!!


Kahoot- Language Quiz

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What is the better way of testing pupils’ understanding on something? Of course using Quiz. So, do you want to use the traditional, boring quiz with your pupils or do you want to motivate them with an interactive quiz.

If your answer is interactive quiz then Kahoot is the answer. You create your quiz on Kahoot and pupils just need the game pin to start playing. It will be fun and engaging. It is also easy for you to check their learning progress.

Check out my quiz below on Kahoot on the topic Safari Animals.


Storytelling Ideas

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How can we create interesting lessons for storytelling?

  1. Make storycards – Use pictures.
  2. The Story Bag/ Puzzle Tale – Place pictures or objects.
  3. Use drawing – Let children draw.
  4. Acting out storybooks – with the help of props or puppets, facial expressions.
  5. Play doh storytelling – use playdoh to recreate characters in the story.
  6. Storyboxes – Making diorama.
  7. Storytelling board – Use pictures.
  8. Writing the stories based on pictures.
  9. Use realia – bring in real objects or get the pupils to bring it.
  10. Use thinking hats – De Bono hats
  11. Experiment different voices for different characters.
  12. Digital storytelling projects using StoryBird, StoryJumper, Windows Movie Maker.
  13. Story Circle – Get pupils to retell the story.
  14. A Story Treasure Hunt – Hide plot cards and get pupils to assemble the cards.
  15. Story Cubes – Dice with characters/ elements in the story.