Let’s use Pinterest to engage our students in English language learning. There are many English language learning materials available on Pinterest. Create your own board and get your pupils to view them.



Animoto is a great webtool to create animated videos. Look at how I used Animoto to create a video on the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You can also use Animoto to capture memories in the classroom during language learning activities. You can even get pupils to compile pictures and write reviews of the pictures through Animoto.



Youtube is a great way for teachers to share their presentations and videos with pupils. When you put your materials on Youtube, other teachers can also use it in their classroom.

When you share your videos on Youtube, it is keepsake so you do not have to search for everywhere next time you plan to use it with your pupils.

Lets watch my Youtube presentation on Fresh Fruits for Year 3 pupils.

Kahoot- Language Quiz

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What is the better way of testing pupils’ understanding on something? Of course using Quiz. So, do you want to use the traditional, boring quiz with your pupils or do you want to motivate them with an interactive quiz.

If your answer is interactive quiz then Kahoot is the answer. You create your quiz on Kahoot and pupils just need the game pin to start playing. It will be fun and engaging. It is also easy for you to check their learning progress.

Check out my quiz below on Kahoot on the topic Safari Animals.



What??? Using instagram for language learning??? Everyone might be wondering how instagram can be used for language learning. Instagram is a social networking site and most of our pupils might be more familiar with its usage. There are many language learning activities ranging from vocabulary, reading skills and grammar notes that can be found in Instagram. It is important that we as teachers know what our pupils are interested and exploit that tool for creating a fun language learning environment.

Let’s look at some of language learning materials I shared on Instagram with my pupils.

Powtoon- Making presentation lively!

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Let’s use Powtoon to make our presentation more interesting and lively. Students will be interested to look at the interesting design, the avatars and also the background music.

Teachers can also get students to come up with their own videos and present the videos as a form of group task so in a way it will also enhance collaborative learning among them.

You can watch the presentation I have created using Powtoon. I used it to teach about the concept of prepositions.


Screencast-0-matic: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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I used the webtool Screencast-o-matic to come up with the following video on the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Screencast-o-matic is a useful tool to create teacher presence especially when teacher is absent as pupils or students can see or listen to teacher’s voice in the video. The video can be kept so it can be used in future lessons. It can also be uploaded on Youtube and Frog Vle so other teachers and students can benefit from it.

Why not watch my first Screencast-o-matic video? Hope you will enjoy it!