Animoto is a great webtool to create animated videos. Look at how I used Animoto to create a video on the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You can also use Animoto to capture memories in the classroom during language learning activities. You can even get pupils to compile pictures and write reviews of the pictures through Animoto.



Powtoon- Making presentation lively!

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Let’s use Powtoon to make our presentation more interesting and lively. Students will be interested to look at the interesting design, the avatars and also the background music.

Teachers can also get students to come up with their own videos and present the videos as a form of group task so in a way it will also enhance collaborative learning among them.

You can watch the presentation I have created using Powtoon. I used it to teach about the concept of prepositions.


English Teaching Webtools: Conversation

This post  will list down all the useful and free webtools that can be used by ESL teachers to teach English in their classrooms.

1. Blabberize

This web tool allows teachers to animate pictures so that animals, people and objects could talk.

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2. Bitstrips

This web tool allows teachers to make their own comics.

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3. Comic Master

This is a free web application that allows teachers to create comics online.

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4. Voki

This web tool allows teachers to create personalised avatars. It’s a great language teaching tools.

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